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What County is Torrance, CA in?

Torrance is a beautiful Southern California city located in the South Bay area. Some have described it as having a very San Diego-like feel. While located in Los Angeles County, some people find themselves confused, thinking it as actually located in Orange County.

Why do people think Torrance is in Orange County?

Torrance is a short drive from Orange County, and its proximity to the beach and overall weather might give one the sense that they are in Huntington Beach, CA. What’s more is that Torrance is located near the southwestern corner of LA County. Many not familiar with this region may associate this with Orange County.

Torrance and Los Angeles County

Like much of the South Bay, Torrance is known for its moderate climate, low humidity and sea breezes. The popular city is also known for its vibrant nightlife, variety of restaurants and low crime rate.

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