Legacy of The Iron Dragon: Richard Bustillo

Joe Ingrati, student of Richard Bustillo and owner of JAI Martial Arts,  recently re-read The Iron Dragon: Richard Bustillo, a biography of Richard Bustillo written by David and Kevin Lumsden. After re-reading the book, Master Joe sent a message to Richard Bustillo. See their conversation below:



Hi Sifu,
I hope you are well.
I just finished reading your book again for the 2nd time and I learned even more about you the second time round. Amazing.
In one of the questions: What do you see as your legacy? You answered: In time my name will vanish.
I will tell you that I will continue to spread your name to the JAI Martial Arts Family and closest associates. I will endeavour to keep your name alive. As you have enhanced my life through your teaching and friendship.
Sifu you are one of a kind. I can honestly tell you that there is no better Master….Teacher….Mentor such as you and above all an honest friend.
I know for a fact as I have trained with so many so called Masters and met so many more and NONE can stand next or along side with you.
I cannot tell you how much I treasure you as my teacher, mentor and friend.
Stay well Sifu.
Kind Regards,




Joe,  what do you think that I meant when I said “In time my name will vanish”.  This was my answer to “What do you see as your Legacy.” RSB




There is a great difference in what you have done, how many lives you have touched and your Martial Arts career is like the who’s of who in the Martial Arts.
You were in an era that will never be experienced again, you were one of the pioneers of the Arts in the US and International, you were exposed to Martial Arts Masters and Gurus who are no longer around.
You were there at the beginning, and what you have done along the way is truly amazing.
And to top it off to have remained humble, honorable, and your integrity is unmatched.
As I mentioned earlier, I have crossed paths with so, so many in my life and unfortunately they are not what they make out to be.
If Bruce was alive today, he would have been so proud at how you have evolved, how you have spread and protected his name worldwide and how you have developed and grown your own Jeet Kune Do.
My biggest regret is that I did not keep our relationship ongoing since 1995… I was sitting on a gold mine of knowledge and education and growth and I did not realisze it or appreciate what opportunity I had to be mentored by you. You are, in my eyes, the best Martial Artist and human being I have ever met.
A man of your word.
So Sifu there is a massive difference in who, I am and who your are.
All the best,



Master Joe Ingrati is the owner of JAI Martial Arts. More information can be found about JAI Martial Arts and Master Joe at http://www.jaimartialarts.com.au/.


The Iron Dragon: Richard Bustillo is available in softback from the IMB Academy. Orders can be placed by phone at 310-787-8793 or email at Sigung@IMBacademy.com. The cost of the book (including shipping and handling for domestic orders) is $20.00.

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