My Biggest Influence

My martial arts career began when I was in 2nd grade. After trying every possible other sport, my parents dragged me kicking and screaming to Charlotte Martial Arts Academy. No matter how much kicking and screaming they do, they have trouble dragging me away from that place now.

My journey in the martial arts has been one of the largest influences on my life, morals, and myself. In order to continue on this pathway, I hope to be selected to enter Sigung Richard Bustillo’s teaching program. So far along my journey I have represented Charlotte Martial Arts Academy to the best of my ability. Earning my black belt has been my proudest accomplishment so
far, with becoming a leadership team member running a close second.

I have had the opportunity to enter into many other activities as well to represent my school. I have competed at a national level in debate and was a state champion in Novice Public Forum two years ago. My other main passion has been participating in the Boy Scouts of America since I was in the 1st grade. I have used many of the leadership skills I have acquired in teaching martial arts to engage in another difficult challenge, leading my peers. My Boy Scout journey has recently come to an end. In September of 2011 I earned the Eagle Scout rank, the highest award in scouting. In all facets of my life I have chosen to use the morals I have gained training in the martial arts as a guide, as well as all of my leadership skills to share them with others. I plan to spend the next four years of my life beginning a new journey, college.

I will be attending either the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a proud fourth-generation Tar Heel student, or attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as a Levine Scholar. Either way I plan to continue my training in the martial arts at college and maintain my relationship with Sensei Michael Price and Charlotte Martial Arts Academy as well as Sigung Richard Bustillo and International Martial Arts and Boxing. I will use the morals that have been taught to me as well as the leadership skills I have developed in my time training and teaching in the martial arts to provide a strong rock for my life and my future journeys, into college and beyond.

With Respect, Charles Talmadge
Eagle Scout & Black Belt, Charlotte MA Academy