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How to Pronounce Muay Thai

How to Pronounce Muay Thai

To those who practice muay thai or perhaps martial arts or combat sports in general, pronouncing the words “muay thai” ( muːeɪ ˈtaɪ) is a simple task but those who don’t swim in that proverbial soup may find themselves having a harder time.  The good news is that it’s much easier than the spelling would have you believe.  Just think: Moy Tie.

For Moy, just think “Boy” but substituting a the B with an M.  Like Bill Moyers.

The second part is just as easy if not more so.  Just say “tie” (as in “tie your shoes, that’s a nice tie, or the game ended in a tie).

It really is that simple.  For your own security, never call it “mai tai.”

Click here to hear how muay thai is pronounced in Thai.

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