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Best Muay Thai Fighter

Best Muay Thai Fighter

Muay thai is known as a brutal and effective martial art/combat sport that maximizes the use of hands, feet, elbows and knees (hence its nickname, The Art of Eight limbs). Originating in Thailand, muay thai is now a world-renowned practice and has largely been popularized by MMA, where strikes are largely muay thai based.

So who is the best muay thai fighter? That depends as there are several ways of answering this question. We can take a look at current world muay thai champions to see who is considered the best muay thai fighter for each weight class to get an idea of the best currently active muay thai fighters. We can look at all-time best muay thai fighters. We can also see who the best muay thai fighters are in terms of MMA, where the rules are such that certain dynamics change (the possibility of takedowns changes what a fighter should(n’t) do at various ranges.

Best Muay Thai Fighters Currently Competing

Current world Champions (World Professional MuayThai Federation) according to Wikpedia


  • Evgen Golovin – Super Heavyweight
  • Fred Sikking – Heavyweight
  • Li Baoming – Cruiserweight
  • Simon Marcus – Light Heavyweight
  • Eakchanachai Mor.KrungthepThonburi – Super Middleweight
  • Jos Mendonca – Middleweight
  • Dejbanjong Fairtex – Super Welterweight
  • Singmanee Kaewsamrit – Welterweight
  • Kaew Fairtex – Super Lightweight
  • Captainken Narupai – Lightweight
  • PenEak SithNumnoy – Super Featherweight
  • StarBoy KwaythongGym – Featherweight
  • Sota Ichinohe – Super Bantamweight
  • Kongkiat Tor.Pran 49 – Bantamweight
  • Pollakrit Chor.Chunkamol – Super Flyweight
  • Jomphop Tor.Pran 29 – Flyweight


  • Phetseenil Sith Jepond – Lightweight
  • Duannapar Mor. Rattanabandit – Super Featherweight
  • Kate Houston – Featherweight
  • Ashley Nichols – Super Bantamweight
  • Farida Okiko – Bantamweight
  • Eva Maria Naranjo – Super Flyweight
  • Itsuka – Flyweight
  • Kwankhao LukKlongtan – Light Flyweight
  • Haru Tajima – Mini Flyweight
  • Little Tiger – Pinweight

Best Muay Thai Fighter of All Time

MuayThaiPros.com ranks these as the 10 best muay thai fighters of all time.

  1. Samart Payakaroon
  2. Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn
  3. Apidej Sit Hirun
  4. Somrak Khamsing
  5. Saenchai
  6. Tongchai Tor Silachai
  7. Kaensak Sor Ploenchit
  8. Namkabuan Nongkee Pahuyuth
  9. Pud Pad Noy Worawoot
  10. Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn

Best Muay Thai Fighter in MMA

Fightstate.com ranks these as the best muay thia fighters in MMA

  1. Anderson Silva
  2. Donald Cerrone
  3. Jose Aldo
  4. Edson Barboza
  5. Joanne Calderwood
  6. Eduardo Dantas
  7. Douglas Lima
  8. Ben Saunders
  9. Tyrone Spong
  10. Jon Jones

So there you have it. The best muay thai fighters ranked according to different standards.

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