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Muay Thai (also known as Thai boxing) is a combat sport known for its brutal kicks, knees, elbows, clinching techniques, and its efftiveness in mixed martial arts. It is a favorite among stand up fighters and has contributed quite a bit to MMA/full contact fighting (in part because its focus on clinching techniques makes it very useful for close in-fighting, where a fighter may be trying to avoid going to the ground). It has also been popularized through movies like Ong Bak and Gang-Rajan.

Muay Thai in Torrance, CA

The Origins of Muay Thai/Thai Boxing

As the name suggests, Muay Thai hails from Thailand. It’s origins are in dispute as much of its known history was lost with the Burmese invasion of Thailand. It is widely believed that it was developed through centuries as tribes migrated south through modern-day China through South East Asia into what is now modern-day Thailand. One of the more popular legends states that a man named Nai Khanomtom (often hailed as the father of Muay Thai) defeated 10 Burmese fighters, one after another, using a series of kicks, elbows, and other Thai boxing techniques.

Over the years, Muay Thai would become more of a sport, and develop certain rules and restrictions, much like boxing. In addition to being a popular national sport, it also attracts fans from across the world. Many practitioners of other martial arts have even traveled to Thailand to test their skills against Muay Thai fighters.

Muay Thai Training in Southern California

Just as MMA and other combat sports have gained favor in Southern California, Muay Thai has also gained appeal. Much of this has to with the fact that it is so effective in mixed martial arts. Just like MMA, Muay Thai is especially popular in the South Bay area, which includes Carson, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach, CA.

Muay Thai Training at IMB Academy

Muay Thai is central to the curriculum at IMB Academy. As a certified Kru, Sifu Bustillo enjoys passing on this highly effective martial arts to eager students. And along with his dedicated staff, he provides training that consists of warm ups, heavy bags, thai pads, sparring and other drills. So whether you want to compete, learn to defend yourself, or simply get a good workout, the Muay Thai classes at IMB are a perfect option. So come in and see for yourself how we train!

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