MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in Torrance, CA

Mixed martial arts combines striking (punches, kicks, elbows and knees) with grappling techniques (takedowns, submissions, escapes, etc). It is essentially “fighting” in sport form. Traditional fighting systems (whether combat sports or martial arts) generally take on specific “styles.” Boxing focuses on punching techniques, Muay Thai,Kickboxing and Karate focus on punching and kicking (and in some cases, knees and elbows), Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and Judo focus on (overlapping but largely different) grappling techniques. MMA allows for all of these (and other) styles to be used in the same context. A fighter wins by either stopping their opponent by way of knockout, submission, fight stoppage, or decision.

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts - in Torrance CA

MMA is largely popular due to its self defense applications. The ability to train to punch while avoiding a takedown, or taking someone down who is outstriking a person have their obvious appeal. Prior to the introduction of MMA to the US, many Americans were under the impression that single styles could dominate other styles repeatedly. MMA shed light on the fact that being a well-rounded fighter was a must for such competitions.

Mixed Martial Arts – Background and History

While it began in obscurity here in the US, mixed martial arts has become a mainstream sport and pastime. Until the Ultimate Fighting Championship premiered in 1993, MMA existed mostly as an underground sport, characterized as a brutal event that often left one fighter maimed or worse. Movie portrayals such as Bloodsport helped fuel this notion. And even as recently as the late 90′s, such competitions were often refereed to as “No Holds Barred.”

MMA and the UFC

In 1993, the UFC made its debut here in the US. At the time, there were 4 UFC events per year. As of 2013/2014, there are about 40 such events each year. While the early UFC events lacked a rigid structure (no time limits, no prohibition of hair pulling or strikes to the groin area, etc) today’s UFC events are full of regulations and safeguards, similar to boxing. As such, it is far more accepted and allowed throughout the United States.

MMA Training and IMB Academy

In staying true to the Jeet Kune Do philosophy, MMA is an integral part of IMB Academy. Much like JKD, MMA serves to include what works and exclude what doesn’t. Also like JKD, what works and doesn’t work in MMA will differ from person to person. Varying physiques, backgrounds and current abilities will result in a slightly different set of “tools that work” for different people.

As we teach Boxing, Muay Thai and grappling techniques, the MMA class allows us to put these all together in a single class. This allows for some synergy between the different classes. The training regime includes bag work, focus mitts, thai pad work, conditioning, grappling, various drills and sparring sessions.

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