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Martial Arts

The term “Martial arts” comprises of a number of fighting styles and practices that have been developed throughout history. While there is some variance over what some people would consider a martial art, one usual prerequisite is that the system contains a set of techniques for physically defeating another opponent, and usually in an unarmed manner, though sometimes with a blunt or bladed weapon.

Martial Arts in Torrance, CA

Traditionally in the US, the term “martial art” has been mostly associated with East Asian martial arts which often use a uniform such as gi or a saam, such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. However, the term has European origins (Martial being derived from Mars, the Roman God of War) and has a history of being used to describe fighting systems in Europe. The earliest recording of martial arts comes to us in the form of Egyptian works of art dating as far back as 3,400 BCE, which depict martial art-like struggles.

Combat Sports as Martial Arts

Sometimes combat sports are regarded as martial arts. For example, Muay Thai is often regarded as such. However, Boxing and wrestling have not been traditionally considered a martial art. Nevertheless, they have both proven useful in mixed martial arts competitions. Then there are systems like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which have both combat and sport styles. In today’s world where MMA has exposed certain combat sports as more useful than certain martial arts, it’s more common to see combat sports like wrestling and boxing to be simply lumped in as martial arts. It’s worth noting that East Asian combat sports such as Judo have generally regarded as martial arts.

Martial Arts in Southern California

Southern California is a hotbed for martial arts and martial artists themselves. As the chosen home for many people from other countries, martial arts from allover the world have been brought to SoCal, resulting in many schools and inspiring much interest from students eager to learn. Martial arts are especially popular in the South Bay area (which includes Torrance, Redondo Beach, Carson, Hermosa Beach, Lawndale and Manhattan Beach, CA). Located in Torrance, CA and just off the 110 FWY which connects much of Los Angeles, IMB Academy is a great location for martial arts training in the Los Angeles area.

Jeet Kune Do/Martial Arts at IMB

In staying true to Bruce Lee’s philosophy of using what works and discarding what doesn’t, our philosophy at IMB Academy treats all useful techniques as martial arts. JKD itself has Chinese martial arts origins such as Wing Chun, but Bruce Lee quickly applied techniques from other martial arts and combat sports, including boxing and wrestling. The classes at IMB include:

  • Jeet Kune Do
  • Muay Thai
  • Boxing
  • MMA/Mixed Martial Arts
  • Sambo Wrestling
  • Kali/Eskrima
  • Self Defense

With a history that spans 40 years now, IMB Academy has trained countless students in various martial arts. Students have includes military and law enforcement personnel, as well as competition fighters.

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