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Jeet Kune Do in Los Angeles

Jeet Kune Do is the fighting system and philosphy founded by Bruce Lee. Drawing largely from Wing Chun, western boxing and other styles, Bruce Lee came to reject the notion of rigid, well-defined styles that kept students limited within certain parameters. As such, Jeet Kune Do represents more of a philosophy than an actual set of techniques that represent the “correct” method for kicking, punching, etc while defining other methods as incorrect or inferior. It is quite literally, “the style of no style,” that emphasizes the use of that which works, and discarding of that which doesn’t.

Jeet Kune Do in Los Angeles CA

That said, Bruce Lee did develop a fighting system he found worked for him, and this is often what is considered “Jeet Kune Do.” These Jeet Kune Do concepts are practiced in several locations, and appears to be especially popular in Los Angeles. This includes IMB Academy, located in Torrance, CA (located in the portion of Greater Los Angeles, often dubbed The South Bay). One of Bruce Lee’s original students (in his LA school), Sifu Richard Bustillo, has been teaching Jeet Kune Do concepts for 40 years now.

Why is Jeet Kune Do so popular in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has always been a sort of meeting point from different parts of the world. The result: a plethora of martial arts from allover the globe. So martial arts in general are popular in Los Angeles. It’s simply a great place for blending martial arts. As JKD emphasizes such a blending, it’s no surprise that it would be popular in LA.

Another reason is that Bruce Lee himself taught Jeet Kune Do in Los Angeles. Believing that traditional fighting systems were too rigid and focused on a predetermined st of rules, Bruce Lee rejected such systems and developed a system and philosophy based on effectiveness, economy of motion, various ranges of combat, various ways of attack, a centerline, and combat realism (as opposed to competition-based combat).

Jeet Kune Do at IMB Academy

True to Bruce Lee’s description of JKD as “the style of no style,” IMB Academy hosts numerous classes, where students can pick up the methods and techniques that work for them. Classes include Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Eskrima and Grappling. There is also a Jeet Kune Do concepts class, where Jeet Kune do students can learn JKD as it was practiced by Bruce Lee. While the Jeet Kune Do training is certainly effective, students are encouraged to develop the methods that work for them. The Jeet Kunde Do classes emphasize the efficiency and effectiveness over rigid formats.

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