IMB Coaches Clinic Review by Master McGowan

I have been involved in some kind of Martial Arts since I was 7 years old, that is approx 31 years of training and to say that this was one of the greatest experiences of my Martial Arts training is an understatement.

I had the great opportunity of hosting GrandMaster Bustillo at my school ChandlerMMA in Chandler AZ in April of this year with the help of my good friend Wayne Smith and that’s when i felt like I belonged once again to someone of a higher authority that I can and could respect.

Grandmaster offered the chance to go train at the coaches clinic and I immediately excepted, with  that we started making the arrangements, we didn’t come as far as many others, but we did drive 6.5 hours in the rain there and back 🙁 but it was more than worth it.

Upon arriving in the world famous IMB Academy, we were greeted by Sigung with a great hello and a remember of my name, which may not seem like anything special to some, but when being involved in many organizations over the years and spending lots of dollars and seeing the same Instructor again and again who could never remember my name, so this greeting was extra special as I had only met and spoke with Grandmaster a couple of times, right away I felt like I belonged.

Training started right away and introductions to each other with an awesome way of getting to know your fellow training partners, I met Heidi and at first it was just and introduction, but by the end of the week we all had gotten together outside of the Academy with dinner and drinks.

I met new friends that now we will be communicating via facebook and hopefully train again together, this week of training was a great connection to people from all over the world and all under the umbrella of a great gentleman that inspires me to keep training and learn, evolve and grow as like they say at IMB ” Ohana ” Family !!

I truly appreciate the new friends, the atmosphere, the techniques and the great environment that was portrayed at The IMB Academy and i look forward to evolving as a Martial Artist and growing and learning with many great new friends, thank you so much for an unforgettable experience and I cant wait till me meet again,

Master McGowan
Chandler MMA
7225 W. Harrison St.
Chandler, AZ