David and Todd Patefield

Todd and David Patefield train at the Charlotte Martial Arts Academy (CMAA) in Charlotte, NC. They met Richard Bustillo over 10 years ago at an IMB seminar at CMAA. Since then they have attended every one of Richard’s seminar in Charlotte and have been to the IMB Academy in Torrance, CA multiple times to train during the “Charlotte Knights” event. During annual Charlotte Knights event, members of CMAA stay for a week in Southern California to train at the IMB Academy, take a trip to Disneyland, visit the beach, and enjoy everything Southern California has to offer. At the most recent Charlotte Knights event, Todd and David tested and earned their Apprentice Instructor certificates. The IMB Ohana extends our congratulations to the twins and looks forward to many more years on the mat with them.


Below is a letter written from their mom, Chris, to Richard Bustillo.



I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity you have extended to David and Todd to visit you in California, and to test for an apprentice instructorship under your direction. It is an occasion that they both value and cherish.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that you used them as “free weights”….lifting one on each arm! It’s a moment in time that we all remember with fondness and respect. From the time they first took a class under you, they have been hooked. It is not only the the knowledge and skills that you impart on them, but the model of a man of character that has been just as important. It is often said that the man you are when no one is looking is the man you are, and I can say that I am glad they were watching. In your case David and Todd were two young boys watching every move you made over the years whether you knew it or not. They didn’t miss one thing. As a mother I can only hope that they are able to model similar character when no one is watching as they head off to college.

Again, thank you for your years of dedication to martial arts, and the character of your students.

With love and respect,


 Aka David’s and Todd’s mom


Sigung Richard Bustillo lifts 7-year-old Todd Patefield and his twin David Patefield

Nineteen-year-old Todd Patefield and twin David Patefield lift Sigung Richard Bustillo

Nineteen-year-old Todd Patefield and twin David Patefield lift Sigung Richard Bustillo