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Where can I see the Boxing Fight Free

So you’ve decided you want to watch the upcoming fight and want to watch two fighters knock each other around while at the same time, and you want to do this without paying for it. Generally speaking this isn’t really ‘possible’ in the US but here are a couple of possible ways to watch major boxing events for free.

Your Local Restaurant Pub

Many restaurants and nightlife outlets show these fights and they don’t always charge a cover. In some cases you may just have something like a “2 drink minimum.” While this may seem to negate the “free” portion, it really doesn’t as you are getting 2 drinks in this case (and besides, beggars can’t be choosers).

Watch it at a Friend’s House

We all know ‘that’ person who invites everyone over to watch the fight. Usually the only caveat is that you have to have to bring something. which if you think about isn’t a big deal considering what you’re getting in return. But to a mooch it might *seem* like asking a lot.

Here’s another tactic. Say you have no friends who invite you to watch the fight but you happen to know people who are having the fight (they probably didn’t invite you knowing you’re a mooch). You can simply call them and ask what they’re doing on Saturday, because you’re mom is baking her famous pumpkin pie and you want to share it with you. They may feel guilty and let you in on the fight, and invite you so long as you bring your thoughtful gift. Then, just leave a little early on that day, stop by the store and pick up a $3 pie and paper or plastic container to put it in (no one will believe your mother baked it if it’s in an Albertson’s container. Yeah, it’s shady, but you’re the one trying to scavenge for free boxing.


So you want to get testy and do the internets. There are streaming sites which may not be accessible in the US unless you have access to things like proxies. There are other ways to potentially access streaming options within the US, but given the illegal nature of doing so, it won’t be covered here.

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