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Boxing – The Sweet Science

Also known as pugilism, as well as the “sweet science,” boxing is a popular and mainstream combat sport. The combat involves a variety of punches that can be thrown in countless combinations and in conjunction with endless variations of footwork and upper body moment intended to gain advantages on an opponent while mitigating the amount of damage he can return.

Boxing in Torrance, CA

Boxing Today

Boxing exists today in professional, amateur and recreational settings. At the time of this writing, the most highly paid athlete is boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather. Aside from popularity for its own sake, boxing forms the basis for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) strikes. While the introduction of kicks and takedowns changes some of the specific, overall, when MMA fighters exchange fisticuffs, they are using punches based on boxing technique (as opposed to karate or kung fu).

Modern western boxing’s popularity can be traced throughout western history and its roots can be traced back to its inclusion by the Greeks in ancient Olympic games. Going further back, we find depictions of fighters exchanging punches while wearing gloves from Mesopotamia from as early 3,000 BC.

Boxing in Southern California

The Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California in general is a haven for boxing. Boxing gyms abound and there have been a number of great fighters that have come from or trained here. Some of the more well-known boxers to come from LA include Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar Shane Mosley, Arturo Frias, Diego Corrales, and Fernando Vargas.

Boxing Training at IMB

IMB Academy is proud to be one of the premier boxing schools in the South Bay area (Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Carson, etc). As a former Golden Gloves boxer and Olympic boxing coach, Sifu Bustillo has a wealth of knowledge and technique, as well as a staff of boxing instructors that implement a world class boxing regiment. The training regiment at IMB includes sparring, heavy bag and mitt work, jump rope, and other boxing techniques. Boxing is not only great for self defense, it is an amazing workout.

Physical Demands

ESPN.com ranks boxing as the most difficult sport, stating:

But don’t take our word for it. Take the word of our panel of experts, a group made up of sports scientists from the United States Olympic Committee, of academicians who study the science of muscles and movement, of a star two-sport athlete, and of journalists who spend their professional lives watching athletes succeed and fail.

They’re the ones who told us that boxing is the most demanding sport — and that fishing is the least demanding sport.

Also in the top 10 are wrestling and martial arts.  While not mentioned in this lineup of sports, there are some who claim that motocross is the most physically demanding, those such comparisons are usually only made against sports like Football and Baseball and don’t include combat sports.  Nevertheless, anyone who’s done any serious motocross knows it’s physically demanding!

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