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The Arnold Battle of Columbus: World Kali Invitational

The Arnold Battle of Columbus: World Kali Invitational

by Tony Jayme

I, Tony Jayme, weighed 164lbs. and placed in the 155-225lb. weight class (Middleweight). Everyone else in my weight class weighed 200lbs. and over, placing me at the bottom of my weight class. The two competitors that placed in the Heavyweight Division (225lbs. and up) were moved to the middleweight division since there were only the two of them.

In my first fight, I fought Joe Fox (Guro Rick’s student) who weighed about 219lbs. I worked my technique with the stick the first round working in and out, using front teep kicks to keep him off as he tried to come inside to lock me up and attempt to take me down. I also executed several thai hook kicks whenever the opportunity presented itself. I disarmed Joe two different times with hook kicks. In the second round, I decided to take it easy and work progressive indirect attacks, faking low kicks and coming up high with a strike and vice versa, choosing my shots. In the third round, I stepped it up again and came in hard with a flurry of strikes, abanikos, and thai kicks. The unanimous decision went to me as the winner. In my opinion, Joe was the next best fighter in the crowd next to Guro Tre and I.

In my final match, I fought Greg Kenner, a student of Guro Fred Grochulski from Indiana. Being my last match, I gave it all I got. Greg constantly charged me doing a good job closing the range, but I managed to evade him with circular footwork and front teep kicks. Thirty seconds into the last round, Greg tore the headgear from my head and, before he could hold back, struck me in the left ear. At that point I fell to the ground in pain while Greg fell in shock at what he did. The referee checked to see if I was okay and asked me if I wanted to continue. I agreed to finish the fight with 30 seconds left, giving it all I got, not stopping until the final whistle was blown. I was awarded first place in the Middleweight/Heavyweight division.


Guro Tre went into his fight pumped up with a lot of energy. There were over a dozen instructors present with only 5 competing in the Instructor’s division. His opponent was Guro Fred Grochulski from Indiana. In the first round, Guro Fred seemed almost defenseless as Guro Tre plowed in with a wonderful combination of power strikes and front teep kicks which pushed Guro Fred out of bounds a couple of times. The last two rounds consisted of more kicks and flurries of strikes from Guro Tre while Guro Fred still remained incapable of putting up with the attacks. Guro Tre clearly dominated the fight and was declared the winner.

In Guro Tre’s second fight, he went against Guro Steve Hacht, an instructor under Guro Ken Pannell who teaches in Reynoldsburg, OH. This was an excellent fight to watch. Guro Steve gave Guro Tre some good competition, but in my opinion, although he had the energy, his skill was uncomparable to Guro Tre’s.

In one round, Guro Steve managed to disarm Guro Tre somehow, which Guro was not too happy about as he has never been disarmed before. However, Guro redeemed himself by sending Guro Steve to the ground with a thai kick the following round. During the last two rounds, Guro conserved his energy by taking advantage of the 5 second “lock-up” rule, in which he immobilized Guro Steve’s attacking arm and struck his opposite side with the high-low-high pattern. At the end, Guro Tre was declared the Champion of the Instructor’s division.

This was an awesome victory for all of us in which we represented the IMA school well. We, including Sifu Rick’s student, Joe Fox, represented especially well being the only schools that represented your IMB School. In the Kali tournament, with only 3 fighters, amongst 40+ other fighters under the Inosanto lineage, we clearly showed superiority in our fighting abilities. Much credit goes to GM Bustillo for the knowledge he have passed on to us…and of course to the spirit of Bruce Lee.

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