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About IMB Seminars

Group seminar picture with Richard Bustillo (far right) hosted by Sifu Richard Haye at the IMB of Norway.

Group seminar picture with Richard Bustillo (far left) hosted by Sifu Richard Haye at the IMB of Norway.


Does your school teach art? At the IMB Seminar, Richard Bustillo, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Black Belt Hall of Fame member, will teach Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do – the art of being yourself, the art of respecting others, the art of developing your own training techniques, the art of having an open mind, and the art of knowing the truth in practical and functional martial arts. If you’d like to study our arts, evolve with the IMB Seminar. The IMB program encompass the long range weaponry arts of Kali/Eskrima, the middle range striking arts of Boxing/Muay Thai, the close range grappling arts of Jujitsu/Wrestling, and enhanced by the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do philosophies, concepts, principles, theories and training methods of Bruce Lee.


Richard Bustillo hosts seminars across the United States and abroad. He also hosts in-house seminars at the IMB Academy. Seminar schedule is subject to change. Please call the IMB Academy (310) 787-8793 for confirmation and details. Also check back to this page often for updates. We guarantee you will enjoy the safe, fun, and practical martial arts seminar. The hands-on training is not designed to compete against any style but will compliment all levels for students above eighteen years of age, male and female, beginner, advance and non-martial artists. If (God forbid) we cancel this seminar because of Mother Natures Wrath: earthquake, tornado, hurricane, title wave, monsoon, floods, fires, snow blizzards, etc. etc., your total advance fee will be refunded.

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