A Letter from Seminar Participant Jean-Claude Beneventi

Dear Sigung,

I just wanted to drop you a short email to thank you for the seminar yesterday!  It was a real honor to meet you and cannot thank you enough (and Guro Dan) for picking up the torch in 1974 to perpetrate the teaching of JKD and introduce us to various FMA concepts. At the end we are all united decade after decade by the same passion “from once a fluid man”.

The drive up from San Diego and the 3 hours down due to heavy traffic was worth every second of it!

I was very impressed with how approachable and down to earth you are.  It always amaze me that Martial Arts legend such as yourself who would have every single reason to be arrogant because of their accomplishments and whom they have trained under and/or with, are the ones that are actually so humble.

Confidence radiates and it is “contagious” (in a very good way) to be around your company, your students and Academy.