A Biographical Study of Bruce Lee by Connor Sakae, 8-years-old

The following report was written by Conner Sakae, an 8-year-old IMB student. Conner was introduced to the IMB Academy when he was four years old by his father, who began training at the IMB Academy in the 1980s. Connor, his father, and his older brother attend IMB classes weekly.

Sigung Richard Bustillo’s reply to Connor is shown below the report.


A Biographical Study Of Bruce Lee
By Conner Sakai

In class, I have been reading a biography of a famous martial arts master, Bruce Lee. He was born on November 27, 1940 in San Francisco, California and tragically died on July 20, 1973 in Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee had a fascinating life. Lee’s dad put Bruce in a film  when he was only three months old. Lee loved to read. He had to get eyeglasses to help him see when he was only six years old. He got an education and trained as an apprentice for acting and martial arts. When he was a child, Bruce Lee enjoyed myths and legends of warriors and heroes that fought one another. Sometimes he’d go to opera rehearsals instead of school because of the acting. Most of the time, school bored Bruce.

When Bruce was a teenager, he entered a martial arts championship. In the beginning of the contest, Lee was getting beaten, but he made it to the final round. Near the end, he followed the natural flow body movements and the rest was automatic. He scored a knockout and won the championship. Now that he was the champion, his other friends challenged him to fights and Bruce’s temper got him into trouble. When he was an adult, he taught men, women, girls and boys martial arts. Bruce Lee was an accomplished martial arts master. He was always busy and would never waste time. He’d practice martial arts every day for hours. When he was older, Bruce Lee was the main character in a set of movies.

I’d like to be like Bruce Lee because he was so good at Kung Fu, other martial arts and his own style. Bruce Lee was the best at martial arts. Nobody can beat him!

If I could meet Bruce Lee, I’d ask him How did you find out your body should flow like water? and Why did you want to do martial arts?

I’d recommend this book to my friends because it tells you everything you need to know about Bruce Lee.

I have dreamed of being a person like Bruce Lee because he was so good at martial arts. Maybe one day my dream will come true!

Be Water My Friend
By Ken Mochizuki
Lee and low books inc.
New York 2006




If Sijo Bruce Lee was alive today, he would have a simple answer for your question about flowing like water. Bruce Lee learned that water is meant to keep flowing, to keep growing, to keep studying and to never stop.  If you stop a water flow it becomes stagnant. Similarly, if you stop growing and you stop learning. Every day is an opportunity to learn and to be the best that you can. Bruce Lee never wasted a day. Each day he trained in his martial arts and spent time learning.

It was by fate that Bruce Lee became a martial artist. It was his environment as a young boy that made him study and practice martial arts. Bruce Lee was blessed with a gift of having mental strength and flexibility which is God given. He also had talent which is man made. Bruce Lee developed himself to be above and beyond all other martial artists.

Conner, as a young martial artist, you have the same opportunity to be like Bruce Lee. Keep up your good work, your studies, your training, and your respect for your father, mother, brother and family. I am very impressed with your report on Bruce Lee.

Be Safe – Be Training – Be Water My Friend

Aloha, RSBustillo
President & Chief Instructor, IMB Academy
Sigung, Lee Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do
Grand Master, Cacoy Doce Pares
Sensei, Jiujitsu & Judo
Kru, Muay Thai
Coach, Boxing