10 Ways to Make All Your Relationships Great

There’s an old saying that “love makes the world go around.” But, as most of us know, sometimes, that road can be a bumpy one. We have the best intentions of being a loving spouse, parent, relative and friend, but often our actions often get in the way of our intentions.

Love gives us the insight and understanding to change our relationships from frustrating to forgiving, from critical to complimentary and from disappointed to delighted—even with the most difficult personalities.

“Knowing is not enough. We must do.”  “Understanding is not enough.  We must apply.”

*    Accept people for who they are
*    Identify what people need to feel good about themselves
*    Make your relationships bloom
*    Get along with difficult people
*    Effectively deal with conflict
*    Develop a sincere interest in others
*    Build on people’s positive qualities
*    Forgive hurtful actions
*    Help others feel encouraged, uplifted and motivated to become all they can be
*    Be the type of person people enjoy being around

Love is all about making a positive difference in people’s lives. It is packed with timeless wisdom, proven principles, simple actions, and contemporary insight that will help you create increased enjoyment in your relationships. You’ll be inspired to rekindle the warmth in your friendships, marriage and work relationships.

People who act as though love often find that others treat them the same way. It’s funny how life tends to give back what we give. One thing is for sure, those you touch will not remain as they are—and I doubt you will either.